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Icon Capital invests in high growth companies in which Icon Capital’s particular skill set, working in partnership with management, can create lasting value. Icon Capital brings together an unparalleled combination of expertise and experience to its portfolio companies in;

  • identifying growth opportunities
  • achieve best practice operational execution,
  • buy and build through consolidation/M&A, and
  • international expansion

Since its inception, Icon Capital has successfully diversified its investments across company stages to achieve outstanding long-term results for the Firm’s investors.

Key factors that account for the Firm’s outstanding reputation include: a consistent record of superior financial returns; a distinctive investment approach focusing on operational value creation and the ability to attract outstanding people.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. This information is best read as an invitation to explore what Icon Capital can do for you and what we can do together. We hope you will review it in that spirit.