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Icon Capital is a very proactive and commercial focused investment team who brings energy to all investment situations right from the first contact with the company or its owners.

Icon Capital has successfully applied a highly targeted value creation approach to all its investments. Thus, we work closely with management from day one to identify new business opportunities that accelerate growth and to develop solutions that form a solid platform for future value creation. By focusing on areas of expertise, Icon Capital brings excellent understanding, experience and a prepared mind to every investment opportunity.

Execution is what make any company successful in the long-run and is Icon Capital’s number one focus area.

We pride ourselves that we bring together strategic, operational and financial expertise and experience.

Our engagement ranges from strategic counsel, to top line growth initiatives, to cost optimization, technology insight and guidance, to operating improvement, to recruitment, to active business development. The work also involves developing actionable metrics for tracking progress and identify problems early. In most cases, a key tool is the implementation and execution of the 100-day action plan for new portfolio companies. Each plan sets forth the steps that Icon Capital and company management have agreed are necessary to achieve immediate operational goals. Our 100-day action plans are very detailed and assign specific responsibilities to managers and Icon Capital professionals.