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We believe there will be great opportunities for Icon Capital going forward. The structural problems that are becoming increasingly visible in Europe and to some extent in the Nordic region will continue for a long time – but it creates excellent opportunities for the right companies. Low cost manufacturing in emerging economies will continue to challenge Nordic based industry and digitalization is enabling the same trend in services. In order to compete in an increasingly regional and global economy, innovation and company culture has come to the forefront as the strategic response. However, the challenge for most companies is that innovation is a skill set that is built into company culture and resource allocation, an allocation most companies have not been successful at implementing.

New technology will continue to revolutionize individual companies and reshape the world’s business terrain.

Digitalization has created an extremely dynamic world with globalization and constant discontinuities that provide previously unforeseen opportunities for limited- and mid-size forward looking growth companies across many industries. Globalization is affecting all companies on a global, international, regional and local scale, and companies should brace themselves for a future of extreme competition. We believe tomorrows winners will be companies adopting an approach that combines speed, openness, flexibility, and forward focused thinking.

Hence, fast-moving and innovative companies seeking to exploit these opportunities are exactly the companies Icon Capital wants to invest in and pro-actively support and develop into high-performance businesses. Boundless new opportunities await executives who recognize that the days of slow change is over. We look forward to an exciting time in the years to come.