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Icon Capital has developed and implemented a disciplined, value-oriented investment approach. Icon Capital’s assessment of any investment opportunity is underpinned by an intensely analytical focus on value creation and company “roadmap”, in addition to a rigorous due diligence.

Identifying the two or three key issues/ challenges that will successfully bring the company to its next growth level is crucial in evaluating the investment opportunity and the risks involved. Thus, this is the main focus of the firm’s Investment Committee’s decision process.

Icon Capital’s investment professionals spend a significant amount of time with senior managers to understand fully the opportunities and risks of a business and their vision for the company going forward.

This approach reflects the conviction that long-term value creation is the consequence of investment thesis based on detailed industry and operational knowledge rather than financial engineering.

By identifying opportunities for accelerating revenues and cash flow during the investment phase, Icon Capital and its portfolio companies are able to drive growth and improvements soon as a deal closes. When an investment team concludes that a business is worthy of a last consideration the opportunity is presented to the Firm’s Investment Committee for approval.

We only invest in great management teams that can execute and win, with sound plans for attacking a large market.