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Icon Capital has successfully applied a diversification strategy across a company’s development stage – from very late early phase growth companies to much more mature companies entering a new growth area. We invest in long-term attractive industries and search for the best entry point.

Icon Capital seeks opportunities that represent an outstanding opportunity and to which Icon Capital can bring particular proficiency. Icon Capital does not base investment decisions on swings in conventional wisdom about the attractiveness of industries.

The Firm will primarily invest in four areas;

  • Mature limited and midsize companies entering into a new growth area,
  • out of favor or under-appreciated companies/industries,
  • businesses facing significant strategic challenges, and
  • limited size companies with a substantial growth potential, companies on the doorstep to scale

Icon capital has successfully been assessing new trends within its focus areas to identify sub segments who represent an extraordinary growth potential for channeling Icon Capital funds.

The firm will look for companies with distinctive characteristics and strong potential for substantial growth and value creation. A preference will be given to companies with a strong blend of market visions, quality products or services, and solid fundamentals – companies that apply proven business values such as: sound plans for attacking a large market opportunity; great teams that know how to execute and win; clear, positive economics and business models; a disciplined focus on revenue, profitability and cash management; and a strong long-term customer focus.

Icon Capital’s fundamental investment strategy is to invest in companies that have a “Nordic rationale” by being either located in the Nordic region, having the Nordic region as a trigger market or has some links of importance to the Nordic market. In addition, we would like to review some very selected opportunities in the CEE countries, although on a limited scale.

Icon Capital’s core industry focus in the past has been the service sector, Energy (oil & gas and renewable energy), TMT (telecom, media and technology) and special situations in other industries. The Firm will continue its core focus and will constantly be searching for new attractive opportunities. This may include opportunities within environmental technology, healhtcare, elderly, industrials, retail, nanotechnology, etc. Icon Capital is seeking growth industries that are attractive – segments within industries that are more competitively forgiving than the market as a whole.

In addition, Icon Capital may consider opportunities in the distressed debt portfolio segment and other alternative investments. The 2008 financial crisis combined with the explosive increase in non-performing consumer debt may represent an historic opportunity for investments in distressed debt portfolios.

The Icon Capital team is not only providing capital but puts substantial efforts, in partnership with the management team, to build lasting value through;

  • Operating improvements,
  • organic growth initiatives, and
  • strategic add-on acquisitions

We take a long-term view of our partnerships — we know that building a successful company takes time.

The management teams are always invited and encouraged to invest on attractive terms in their own companies.