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Icon Capital I was established in the early 2000 with a focus on opportunities within the fast growing telecom, media and technology (TMT) sector and the mobile sector. The investment mandate was later broadened in connection with the financial downturn in 2003/04 to also include other attractive industries such as oil & gas and other services.

MessageGate (2005) is a Seattle based company providing e-mail governance software solutions to leading companies worldwide. From product to architecture, MessageGate makes a company’s experience with e-mail governance both simple and manageable. Helping companies cope with threats, improve archival and retrieval activities, and ensure proper usage across a variety of industries, MessageGate’s offerings include MessageGate Activity Profile (MAP), MessageGate Policy Enforcement, MessageGate Archive Categorization, and MessageGate E-mail Filtering. MessageGate was a spin-out from The Boeing Company. The investment was divested in 2009.

Abbon (2004) is an oil and gas service provider. The company develops, manufactures and sells advanced sensing products to the oil and gas industry. The Abbon Flow Master (AFM) incorporates revolutionary acoustic electronic and software technology to determine the volumetric or mass flow in the pipes. It enables measuring any fluid, gas or particle content flowing in the pipe. The investment was divested in 2009. www.abbon.com 

Axxessit (2004) develops, produces and markets Integrated Access Devices and Multi Service Provisioning Platforms for next generation access and metro networks. Cisco Systems is the key distributor of the products. The company was a spin-out from Alcatel. Axxessit was sold to LM Ericsson through a public cash tender offer in 2005. www.axxessit.com 

Scandpower Petroleum Technology (“SPT”) (2003) is an international oil and gas service provider – bridging the gap between reservoir and plant. The two main business activities are software development/sale and consulting services in multiphase flow and reservoir simulation. The company provides leading expertise in multiphase flow, drilling, and reservoir optimization. SPT’s more than 20-years of growth and success is based on continuous development of modeling solutions in close cooperation with the oil and gas industry. Olga 2000, the Company’s flagship product, is the market-leading simulator for engineering of all flow of oil, water, and gas in wells, pipelines, and receiving facilities. SPT was sold to the Swedish based private equity firm Altor Equity Partners in 2006/2007. www.scandpowerpt.com 

BlueCom (2003) is a broadband access and solutions provider to residential and corporate customers. BlueCom seeks to change the way life is experienced through Internet and telecommunications. The Company will be a driving force in providing new services within the broadband universe – including highly exciting content distribution. BlueCom was sold to Catch Communications in 2004 which was later acquired by Ventelo. www.bluecom.no 

UIEvolution (2002) is a Seattle based company delivering interactive, multimedia applications and technology to the wireless market. The company’s flagship product, UIEngine, is a cross-plattform middleware layer enabling wireless operators, software and hardware providers and content companies to build interactive multimedia applications, fully leveraging 2.5G and 3G networks and the emerging audio and video capabilities of handheld devices. UIEngine brings robust client-server interactivity to major platforms including iMode, Java, Brew, WAPNG, Pocket PC and Palm. UIEvolution was sold in 2004 to SquareEnix in Japan who endeavors to be the world’s leading digital content provider – bringing your dreams and excitement beyond expectation. www.uievolution.com