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Icon Capital III was raised in the aftermath of the global financial turmoil in 2008/09 to benefit from these market conditions and to invest in specific opportunities. The fund targets companies with a strong operational position and potential for rapid expansion in existing and new market segments.

Unicare Holding AS (2013-2016) Icon Capital acquired a stake in the Norwegian health and care services specialist in March 2013. The company is experiencing rapid growth and an increasing demand for their services. In May 2016, Unicare was sold for an undisclosed amount to G Square, a London based specialist healthcare private equity firm.

M2 Retail Solutions AB (2011-2018) is a Swedish shopfitting company with premisis in Halmstad, Copenhagen and Hong Kong. The company has a broad international precence and has delivered and implemented store design and interior to shops in more than 70 countries world wide. The company provides complete outsourcing services connected to shop roll-outs to several high-end retail brands internationally. M2 Retail Solutions is excellent positioned for the recovery of the European retail sector and providing services for new growth opportunities to its clients, including expansion to the Asian markets.