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Our distinctive investment model and high degree of engagement requires that we be extremely selective in our investments. A selective process is a prerequisite for developing outstanding high growth companies. Icon Capital’s objective is to be the best investment firm to invest in and work with in Northern Europe for our selected companies.

Below is a guideline to consider for those who would like to initiate an investment dialog with Icon Capital.

Submit a plan: We are looking for clear and concise company roadmap going forward.

  • Thus, we would initially like to receive a summary plan of 3-4 pages, possibly with 1-5 graphical attachments
  • In the second stage we would like to receive a 10-12 page written business plan

The roadmap plan is the common denominator of serious investors and of leading companies. It is a blueprint for success and a tool for raising the capital vital to achieving that success. Typically, we recommend to cover the following topics in your summary plan and business plan:

The people: The key team and the critical outside parties providing services. The three issues that should be answered for each team member is: What do they know, Whom do they know, and How well are they known?

The opportunity: A profile of the business itself.

  • What the company will sell and to whom (the company’s target customer(s) and how does the company segment the market)?
  • What problem does the company solve and how does the company solve it?
  • Whether the business can grow and how fast?
  • What is the company’s distinctiveness (your distinct advantage) and how big is the market potential?
  • What industry and in which segments of the value chain does your business fit?
  • How do you position the service/product in the market and who is the competition?
  • What are the economics (the business model) for the service/product (how much does it cost, how do you price it, margins per service/product, volume impact, scope vs. scale, do the markets differ, etc.)

The context: The big picture – the market dynamics, interest rates, demographic trends, inflation, regulatory environment – basically factors that inevitably change but cannot be controlled by the management team

The risk and rewards: An assessment of everything that can go wrong and right, and a discussion of how the management team can respond.

The financials: What are your financial projections (volumes, margins, etc.) and what are the assumptions and sensitivities behind these projections? How much capital will the company need to realize the potential? What are you asking for from the investment firm?

We will contact you for an in-person introductory meeting. Next steps involve in-depth due diligence on the company itself, the service/product, the distinctiveness and the industry including reference checking, and finally a meeting with the full Icon Capital partnership, at which time a final decision will be made.